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George lange Photography, Creative Director, 23rd Studios, Craftsy

George Lange | Creative Photography

George Lange who’s photography career has been a whirlwind and the list of who is who in front of George’s camera lens is enough to make anyone in photography wonder how he did what he did and how he got the jobs he did. We were fortunate enough to have meet George in our town of Boulder Colorado and even more fortunate to be able to do work with him …

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Bells The Reader Commercial

Bell’s The Reader | Inspiration

New Bell’s South Africa TV Ad — The Reader

Amazing video with such inspiration around the old world father wanting to learn to English so he can read his sons book

We watch a lot of commercial and see a lot of ads living in todays world but there are those that are typical “Budweiser ads” or there are ads like this New Bell’s commercial call The Reader that …

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Sprout Camp | Unmistakable

Recently we came across a company that really resonated with me(Paul Talbot) so I wanted to share what they are doing with the larger world that is the internet.

Sprout Camp is a Non-Profit based in Florida/Ashville respectively. They want to help change the world by allowing companies that want to change the world to have a platform to launch from. Today too many companies and investors are all about making …

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