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Youtube Cat Video 23rd Studios Boulder

Why We Love Cat Videos

Cat videos are huge on the internet and every time someone shares one, it goes viral. Have you ever wondered why do cats get so many likes, shares, and views on the internet? Well, it’s time to find out.

Cats are irresistibly adorable

Yes, that’s true. When you see a cat playing with a toy or doing something really funny, you just want to cuddle with them. Their fluffy cuteness is greater …

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Old School Cycling 23rd Studios Boulder Colorado Photography Videography

Cycling – Past and Present

Cycling is one of the most loved activities and is also a popular sport. However, this trend dates back to 1817 when the German Baron Carl von Drais invented a machine that consisted of two wheels and had a wooden frame. He invented this piece of technology to roam around in his royal gardens. The people that saw him on the machine used to make fun of him and used …

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Most Trending Wearables for 2015

Tech wearables are huge this year, as companies like Apple and Google have hit the market with their latest wearable gadgets that are not only smart, but are extremely stylish. Let’s take a look at the most trending tech wearables for this season.

Apple Watch

Apple always brings something new and appealing to the tech market. This year, it is a smarter version of its watch, which is aimed towards the …

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