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Cycling is one of the most loved activities and is also a popular sport. However, this trend dates back to 1817 when the German Baron Carl von Drais invented a machine that consisted of two wheels and had a wooden frame. He invented this piece of technology to roam around in his royal gardens. The people that saw him on the machine used to make fun of him and used to tell him that his invention will not be successful.

Cycling In The Past

Cycling wasn’t popular in the olden days when people did not feel the need of working out and thought that strength should only be exerted by laborers. A very ancient form of bicycle consisted of two wheels connected to a wooden plank and a device that was used for steering and paddling. The society at that time suppressed the need of exercise and that’s the reason cycling wasn’t thought to be as attractive and effective as it is now.
During the middle 19th century, the ancient bicycle changed many forms. Some had a huge front wheel and some would be inclined backwards. Bicycle then became a popular means of transportation that enabled people to get to a place in less time.

Cycling In The Present

Today, almost everyone owns a bicycle and cycling has become a major part of sports and transportation around the world. The bicycle of the 19th century evolved into a chain bearing machine that took less strength than it would on a bicycle without a chain. The wheels of the modern bicycle were equally sized made with inflatable material.
In the year 1868, the Michaux Company arranged a bicycle race in Saint Cloud, a suburban town in Paris. The racing event was held by the company to promote its bicycles and soon cycling and bicycle racing became a trend. Cycling gained so much popularity that it became a part of the first ever modern Olympic Games in 1896. Today, cycling is part of all the great world championships and Tour de France.

The cycling sport has evolved so much that people have begun to take advantage of it to maintain physical health and fitness.

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