Spreading Wings S1000+ DJI 23rd Studios Boulder Ariel Photography

Dji Spreading Wings s1000+ – Learning to Fly

Recently 23rd Studios purchase a DJI Spreading wings s1000+ with a Zenmuse Gimbal for our 5d mark 3, we decided to go with the Futaba SG14 remote.

For the first couple weeks we decided not to fly the Spreading Wings Octocopter with a Gimbal on it, sense we have never flown an RC vehicle before this ended up being a good idea. Funny but the hardest thing for us was actually figuring out how to turn the device on and sense we never flew anything before we had no idea that pushing both handles on the remote down to the middle was the standard way to turn on an RC aircraft. :)

Unboxing and getting the Octocopter setup was simple and really didn’t take much time, charging the battery was a boring process and definitely purchase a couple 15000mah batteries or more if you can afford them because this thing eats through them and charging time takes about 4 to 5 hours or more. On our first few flights we didn’t know what to expect and getting this thing off the ground was a challenge mostly because we had never flown anything like this before. The biggest challenge was working with the balance on take off and sense we did not have the gimbal on the front the drone was back heavy which probably added to why it was taping backwards on take off. After a few backwards tips and a few broken propellers we finally got the hang of it. WOW! Our hearts were jumping out of our shirts to say the least, I even think the thing started to chase me as I wasn’t sure which was to make it go.

Ok.. Now we have been flying this thing for a few weeks and have the gimbal attached. Spreading Wings S1000+ DJI 23rd Studios Boulder Ariel Photography Having another 5k attached to this Drone really makes you wonder if and when you crash what will make it through the wreckage. Flying this solo and not having the FPV monitor setup makes the whole process strange since you have no idea what your footage looks like, no telemetry data, nothing. Really use your timer on your controller, it will make you feel a lot better about your experience. I found that flying the Spreading Wings back by us every once in a while was a big plus as it allowed us to check on everything. Now this is not need as the Octocopter has a very bright LED that tells you the status of the Drone and later in the day flying is awesome especially if you have good sight as the LEDs on the bottom of the motors are very bright.

If you come across this article and have any questions don’t hesitate to write us and ask questions about the device, our setup and we’d love to give tips to you if you need them. We have found a breadth of information on-line though it is all over the place – this being one of the more helpful videos in setting up the Futaba remote – Binding Futaba SG14 to A2

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