When the local Government doesn’t listen to its people and Big Corporations that have Millions if not Billions to benefit from a certain project make claims calling those people liars it just makes you wonder what are they hiding? Why would normal everyday people start a fight against multinational corporations making claims about something if those claims were not true? What do normal everyday people have to benefit from getting arrested, stopping Natural Gas development and stopping the pollution of their land, air and water? Well nothing in terms of monetary value, so when companies like Encana, ExxonMobil, Chesapeake Energy, Anadarko, Devon Energy and BP have to spend millions of dollars spinning the positive nature of what they are doing it would seem to any normal person that they are covering something up. So when someone says to you that natural gas is the clean alternative take a moment to explain to them that the perception of clean energy is a lot more dirty then they want you to believe.

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