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Encana Hickenlooper Ban Fracking

When the local Government doesn’t listen to its people and Big Corporations that have Millions if not Billions to benefit from a certain project make claims calling those people liars it just makes you wonder what are they hiding? Why would normal everyday people start a fight against multinational corporations making claims about something if those claims were not true? What do normal everyday people have to benefit from getting …

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Skillshare : Tired of being just “Crafty”


Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. People can offer classes to others on any subject, from baking cupcakes to raising startup capital.

Skillshare launched in November of 2010 and much to my surprise, I just found out about it a couple weeks ago. I’ve already concluded that this company rocks! So why is peer to peer learning so important? Well think about it, information today …

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Railsbridge learning Ruby on Rails – Guest Blog Post at Quickleft

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Quick Left hosted the RailsBridge workshop, along with the organization of the event by Thoughtbot’s Desi McAdam, earlier this month. We asked some participants to let us know their thoughts on the event and Katie and Paul of 23rd Studios graciously volunteered to share their experiences below. Not only that, they took amazing photos of the event. And yes, that’s …

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Dogs & Stars Letterpress show Presented by Tea & Cakes

Dogs & Stars Letterpress, a Lafayette, Colorado-based letterpress shop. The framed pieces use reclaimed wood from a fence destroyed in a wicked wind storm. There will be test prints, art prints as well as prints that focus on select topics such as drinking, bikes, bowling and general letterpress.

Owner Brian Wood talked with use for a few minutes and expressed his interest in using that which is old and unique to …

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Frozen Dead Guy Days 2013 talking with Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald the new owner of Frozen Dead Guy Days bought the festival from the Chamber of Commerce of Nederland Colorado in 2012. She says the Chamber didn’t want to deal with the liability anymore and wasn’t in the business of running a festival. Amanda has been involved in the festival since 2006, she feels that the Chamber sold her the festival because her values aligned with the reason why …

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23rd Studios at the National Conference for Media Reform!

It’s official! I’ve been confirmed as a speaker at the National Conference for Media Reform in April. Through my work with Occupy, CODEPINK and independent activism, I’ve had the unique opportunity to see activism and social change from a variety of perspectives. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t met Paul. Truth be told, he’s the better photographer and the reason …

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6-Ingredient Kitchen Presents Piece, Love & Chocolate

6 Ingredient Kitchen recipe: Piece, Love and Chocolate

Boulder Life Article and Video

Flourless Chocolate Cake classically decadent and naturally gluten-free, this cake is always a welcome addition to any dinner party. Wonderful when served with fresh, seasonal berries *** Recipe for 8” cake is in parenthesis.


6 oz. bittersweet chocolate (10 oz)
6 Tbs. butter, cut in to pieces (10 Tbs)
4 eggs, separated (6 eggs)
½ c. sugar, divided (3/4 c)
1 Tbs. vanilla …

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#forwardonclimate rally 2013 February 17th 2013 was a day for the history books for the largest climate rally ever held in Washington DC

#forwardonclimate rally 2013

February 17th 2013 was a day for the history books for the largest climate rally ever held in Washington DC. There was a reported 50,000 people in attendance, according to the count

Around the country rallies were held in solidarity with the larger group in DC, but the message was the same and climate is a topic that affects us all. Here is Colorado,

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#forwardonclimate Rally this Sunday in Denver

After recently moving here from New York and Connecticut, where fracking is a really big issue, it’s hard for me to believe that after all these years folks still don’t know what I’m talking about when I say the word “fracking”. Over the past two months, Boulder City Council members have meet to discuss fracking here in Boulder County. The talks aren’t really about if it is going to happen …

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