#forwardonclimate rally 2013

February 17th 2013 was a day for the history books for the largest climate rally ever held in Washington DC. There was a reported 50,000 people in attendance, according to the count by350.org.

RallyAround the country rallies were held in solidarity with the larger group in DC, but the message was the same and climate is a topic that affects us all. Here is Colorado, fracking has been going on for a decade or more and the current Governor still doesn’t seem to get that all the issues that have happened over the years are due to carelessness and greed by the companies profiting from the pollution of our country.


Well it has come to a tipping point and people will not be silent, the Keystone XL pipeline will not cross this country. No matter what it takes this project will be stopped and everyday more people realize that fossil fuels are not the answer.

So please write to your elected officials, hold a protest in your local area, a talk, really anything that will raise awareness for one more person. A big thank you to those that make this fight possible and believe in the change that will someday come.

for more information on this charge forward check out 350.org, the Sierra club and for a very amazing view into the world of fracking check out the movie Gaslands by Josh Fox.

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