George lange Photography, Creative Director, 23rd Studios, Craftsy

George Lange who’s photography career has been a whirlwind and the list of who is who in front of George’s camera lens is enough to make anyone in photography wonder how he did what he did and how he got the jobs he did. We were fortunate enough to have meet George in our town of Boulder Colorado and even more fortunate to be able to do work with him both for his video work and also on some of the web projects he features his talent on. George and his family are amazing and like they always say “They are just trying to put love out into the world”

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World-renowned photographer and acclaimed creative director George Lange takes you on an eye-opening tour of his most inspiring tips and techniques. Follow along as George works with subjects of all ages in various environments and learn to harness available light and fresh perspectives for dynamic images. Transform everyday surroundings into compelling shots with props and unexpected angles and learn to compose a visual arc that powerfully conveys even the simplest story. Find out how to use little details to reveal tenderness and spontaneity and capture your subjects’ character instead of just their smile. Learn how to use your camera to connect with the world, and take shots that capture love, laughter and everything in between!

George lange Photography, Creative Director, 23rd Studios, Craftsy

To learn more about George Lange’s class check out the link here on George Lange Craftsy Class

Interested in check out George Lange’s book? Well this series of classes is based on the book The Unforgettable Photograph

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