Hackfests Are at the Heart of Creativity and Collaboration — and Beer Apps

“Quick Left of Boulder, Colo., hosted developers, designers and tech enthusiasts in January for a beerfest hackfest. During the three-hour hackfest, teams were tasked with designing beer-themed apps. One of the hacks was Beervision, which enabled users to take a photo of a beer that the app paired with a song based on the look of the beer. (Photo courtesy of 23rdstudios|Paul Talbot)”

Problem solving is in Dan Mandle’s blood.

Years ago, Mandle converted a 2004 Volkswagen Golf from diesel to run on vegetable oil.

Today, the 26-year-old interactive developer for Movement Strategy in Boulder, Colo., downplays his work on the vegetable-oil-fueled VW but proudly cites the perks of such a solution.

“I got used vegetable oil from the university’s food services department and drove the car for free,” he says.

For Mandle, innovation is one of the reasons he enjoys working in development and design and showcasing his skills, especially at collaborative events like hackfests.

“I really like being able to think of new ideas and kind of throw stuff together to be able to create something that people can appreciate in such a small amount of time,” he says. “And, I also enjoy learning new technologies along the way.”

Hackfests have become popular in recent years as the development and design community pits teams against one another to craft new and often unconventional technology.

The-Hackfest.com, based in the United Kingdom, organizes and lists national and international projects bringing attention to the diversity of events happening around the world

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