Is more sex good for your Health?

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Sex is not only good for boosting your mood and enhancing your romantic relationship, it is extremely good for your overall health. There are miraculous benefits of sex that promote health and well-being. So, when you are having it, you might as well ponder upon the fact that it is providing you with numerous benefits. Let’s find out how physical intimacy can lead to a happier and healthier life and not to forget an exciting relationship.

Reduces stress

One of the greatest benefits of sex is that it kills the stress hormones. Yes, it is true that sex is very similar to exercise that helps reduce stress and anxiety. The stress hormone named cortisol lowers down as a result of excessive kissing, cuddling, and exercise during sex. Moreover, the happy hormone named oxytocin is produced, which makes a person feel relaxed.

Burns off excess calories

If you are struggling to lose body fat, then you might as well have more vigorous sex. However, to burn enough fat, the sex needs to be intense and the love-making should last longer. It is also a complete physical activity for the body that allows you to get rid of a more than a few calories that you might find hard to burn otherwise.

Strengthens the immune system

When you are sexually active, you are more likely to defeat viruses and germs that attack your body; says scientists and doctors. The explanation behind it is that when you have a sexually active life, you develop antibodies that fight bacteria, virus, and germs. The production of antibodies strengthens your immune system, keeping you away from diseases and illnesses.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Another great benefit of physical intimacy is that it helps lower down blood pressure which prevents heart attacks and strokes.

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