Tech wearables are huge this year, as companies like Apple and Google have hit the market with their latest wearable gadgets that are not only smart, but are extremely stylish. Let’s take a look at the most trending tech wearables for this season.

Apple Watch

Apple always brings something new and appealing to the tech market. This year, it is a smarter version of its watch, which is aimed towards the fitness and health industry. Apple watch has three versions, each of which comes with a different price tag and with added features. This wearable tech looks super cool and is extremely smart when it comes to locating your car in a crowded place or opening the door of your hotel room. This smart piece of technology is a must have for 2015.

Google’s Smart Glasses

Google kicked off the smart glass trend by introducing a pair of tech smart glasses that not only make you look chic, but also lets you have a smartphone experience within your glasses. The pair of glasses also has GPS, a camera, microphone, and performs various other tasks based on voice commands.
Sony’s Fitness Tracker Watch
Sony has launched its stainless steel smart watch with built-in GPS and software that allows you to keep up with your fitness. Sony is also said to launch smart glasses that are much like Google’s smart glasses.

MOTA SmartRing

Smart rings are also becoming a huge part of the tech industry with tech giants like MOTA introducing their creations. MOTA’s SmartRing lets you get updates of calls, messages, tweets, and emails on your ring. The ring was designed to let you stay up-to-date with your social life on social networks. You can swipe the screen of the ring to check different notifications and updates. So, even if you don’t have your phone with you, your MOTA SmartRing will keep you updated.

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