Destination Wedding Lake George

An outdoor themed Destination Wedding in Lake George NY. Stephanie surprised Kyle with a special firework show and the newlyweds had the most amazing wedding. Lemonade stand, custom beer menu, time with friends and family on the water. 23rd Studios Weddings was there to assist in the capturing of images and video for the memory of Stephanie and Kyle. The day start of a rye with the power in the grooms cottage not working so all the grooms men had to shower in cold water, most of them thought about going swimming instead. Finally towards the later part of the morning the power was restored and warm showers could be had by the remaining bunch. The rest of the day went off without a hitch, that isn’t talking about the bride and groom of  course. Nice sun filled day for this beautiful outdoors wedding, light puffy clouds graced the sky to provide that little bit of extra shade.

As the night grew close and the celebration kept on going the bride has a special surprise for the groom. She made arrangements for their own special fireworks show over Lake George..  Finally after the fireworks it was time to cut the cake, and this was no small feet.. The cake was provided by Ben and Jerrys(Ice Cream Cake) so yummy, though we didn’t get a chance to try any of it :(