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DENVER, CO – Founder of American Crew, David Raccuglia is known for revolutionizing the men’s grooming industry. American Crew paved way for men’s retail in the beauty industry. After years of perfecting men’s retail and successfully running American Crew, David partnered with Kurt Kueffner and founded MENSDEPT. “There was a time when going to the barbershop was an important tradition for men – it was communal and uplifting,” said Kueffner, “Today, there’s a big gap where that experience used to be. The MENSDEPT aims to fill that gap and offer a high quality and modern grooming experience.” MENSDEPT is transforming the industry for men through innovative products that deliver the results men want to achieve, while encompassing the idea of creating the barbershop experience in a high end modern salon. With the success of MENSDEPT retail flying off the shelves in high end salons, it only seems natural to take the concept national by strategically placing a barbershop inside the most prominent salons, with Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare here in Denver being the Flagship salon.
Raccuglia knows talent when he sees it. After working on a photo shoot with Matthew Morris, the two decided to collaborate, creating an authentic opportunity THE MENSDEPT AT MATTHEWMORRIS; for the man who wants more. Matthew Morris does it again, delivering innovative ways to enhance his customer’s experience. THE MENSDEPT is the new home to men in Denver, recapturing that feeling of an old school barbershop but in a new school modern salon. This “pop up like” barbershop encompasses 200 square feet within the 6200 square foot home of Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare. Men’s grooming isn’t just a trend, it has become a necessity. However, men shouldn’t have to compromise luxury for convenience. There is no denying that men and women have different needs, but there are three things that they both consistently want; luxury, exceptional customer service, and strong technical skills. All three are rare in the men’s grooming industry, until now. Men deserve this- a better haircut, a memorable service, an affordable price, in an upscale salon.
The art of cutting has truly been lost over the past 20 years, until MENSDEPT created an exceptional training program, ensuring the highest quality trainers to deliver unequalled education through technical excellence. THE MENSDEPT AT MATTHEWMORRIS, will provide our male clientele with these skills to provide the best haircuts and the comfortable consistent service they want. Men shouldn’t have limited options for grooming, they deserve the best, and THE MENSDEPT AT MATTHEWMORRIS will deliver just that.
Located at 13 S Broadway, THE MENSDEPT will deliver a full concierge to what men are looking for; junior haircuts, men’s haircuts, in-between detailing, grey blending, custom color, facial grooming, hot shaves, men’s skincare facials, and a personal stylist/concierge service. Our custom designed services for MENSDEPT come with our hot towel and signature hot oil scalp massage treatment. THE MENSDEPT services take it to the next level, capturing those details in every haircut. The salon features the tailored line of the MENSDEPT retail line that offers an array of well-crafted men’s grooming products. It doesn’t stop there. The modern man is busy to say the least, so our personalized concierge services will assist them in getting things done for them that they can’t seem to find the time to do on their own. We offer a Personal Stylist to have a detailed consultation with our men that will help them achieve their personal styling needs for office meetings, weddings, events, outings, presentations, dates – any upcoming events they need styled for. Our personal stylist will take care of all the shopping and tailoring and hand deliver the clothes to their doorstep.
THE MENSDEPT will offer package’s combining haircuts, skincare, and retail at a discount. A VIP membership will be most popular for those men who want to take care of everything up front. They pay a monthly or annual fee, and receive their BLACKLABEL VIP card. The annual card will give unlimited haircuts, unlimited grooming, as well as discounts on retail, dry cleaning, and certain restaurants for an entire year. Convenience for our men is important. Our Guest Relation Coordinators will even process their service tickets on ipads when they are finished and still in their barber chair, so they don’t even need to walk through the salon to check out up front. We want the MM man to feel taken care of. Feel the luxury that they deserve. It’s more than a perfected haircut, it’s an experience. Yet, we still want them to feel like a MAN when they are in our high end salon. They will even be offered to put on a MENSDEPT black t-shirt when they enter, instead of the typical smock or cape. We will offer more than just champagne, but ice cold beer or root beer in a frosted mug, or red wine in a beeker glass. We will have GQ, Men’s Health, Detail’s – men’s magazines covering the table tops. We want to embrace the masculinity and make the MM man feel at home; comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. All of this will be offered at affordable pricing. Luxury is more than just a price tag, it’s how someone or something makes you feel, that is luxury. Young or old, wealthy or not, stylish or simple, conservative or upscale, CEO or unemployed, low maintenance or high maintenance. We cater to them all. THE MENSDEPT AT MATTHEWMORRIS is what every man has been waiting for.