Their tagline is “Good Renters Deserve Good Credit” and their mission is to help the more than 1

Rental Kharma leads the way in providing “Credit” for Rental History – Boulder Life TV

00 million renters in the U.S. get financing credit for their on-time rental payments. Meet Rental Kharma, a Denver-based startup company that furnishes rental data to large credit bureaus, making it possible for good renters to finally get the credit they deserve.

Until now, people who rented their homes couldn’t get financing credit for their on-time rental payments, thus excluding millions from a wide variety of lending opportunities. Rental Kharma gives them the chance to build their futures with stronger credit reports.

The team behind Rental Kharma (which includes Cullen CanazaresBill ButlerKevin Rusch & Aiko Cheslin) has developed the first comprehensive, online platform that allows renters to build their credit score by self-reporting the last two years of their payment history. The data is then provided to the large credit bureaus, that in turn provide reports to lenders, banks, landlords and others who want to lower their risks when renting properties or making loans to financially stable borrowers.

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