Serial Machinist 23rd Studios Blog Letterpress Business Card

Recently we did a video on the Moveable Type Truck and Serial Machinist posted it on their Tumblr. We check out their Tumblr and noticed that the stuff they do and post is pretty amazing. We love letterpress and have been playing with the idea to have our next run of cards done through a letterpress studio. Serial Machinist is located in or around Portland which probably has more hipsters then Williamsburg NYC but we won’t hold that against them now will will :)

Serial Machinist is an online log focusing on industrial machines, related articles and ephemera, such as machine badges, diagrams, advertising, literature, etc. It is edited by Keegan Wenkman.

Serial Machinist 23rd Studios Blog Letterpress Business Card

Keegan is an illustrator, printer and designer.  He lives and works in Portland, Cascadia.

He is one half of KeeganMeegan & Co. and operator of Onefootinfront.  A avid collector, he is always looking to purchase or talk about printing, woodworking or assorted machinery and supporting materials.

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