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Ski Car Pool Colorado Ski Ride Sharing

Why use SkiCarpool?

Save money by the carload on crazy gas prices, have fun meeting new people, be green by reducing your environmental impact, decrease wear on your vehicle and
save time by reducing traffic.

Heading to the Mountains can be expensive, between ski passes, food, rentals(if you need them) but mostly because of gas, time and traveling with an empty car. Ski Car Pool gives you a free option to meet individuals, save money and do what you want to with little inconvenience to your schedule.

The site is simple, sign up – post a what you are looking for or check out what others have already posted and go from there. When someone responds to you they can contact you directly or you can contact them. Simple, easy and free.

Next time you are looking to head to the Mountains for a ski trip check out Ski Car Pool

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