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Social media is the in thing right now and most people socialize on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube every chance they get, whether it is in the middle of the night or at four in the morning. When we spend so much time on social networks, it is important to make the most out of it and follow the dos and don’ts given below.

What You Should Do!

Choose Wisely –
If you really want to connect to many people, make sure that you are sharing selective stuff on your profile. Moreover, it is also important to know which friend requests are to be accepted and which are to be ignored.

Act Nicely –
Social networks are used by everyone. This means that a 12 year might be looking at your activity and posts. So, make sure you are not being rude and using slang language, which could have a bad impact on children. Be nice to others and respond in a good manner.

Be Social –
Social networks were created to let people socialize. So, make sure you are friendly and open to conversations with new people. Socializing on social networks is also important if you don’t want your followers to un-follow you.

What You Shouldn’t Do!

Don’t be a Spammer –
What people hate most on social networking sites is that some people share a lot of stuff that is irrelevant, which no one actually cares about. If you don’t want your friends and followers to be ticked off by you then make sure that you are sharing less but interesting stuff.

Don’t Use Incorrect Grammar –
The worst thing you could do to yourself on social media is to make grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. People are turned off by poor English and there is a high chance that they will un-friend or un-follow you.

Social media has become a platform where everyone likes to hangout. However, misusing the platform can cause more harm than good. So, beware and make sure you are using it in a positive way.

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