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Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Social media is the in thing right now and most people socialize on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube every chance they get, whether it is in the middle of the night or at four in the morning. When we spend so much time on social networks, it is important to make the most out of it and follow the dos and don’ts given below.

What You Should Do!

Choose Wisely –
If you really …

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23rd Studios at the National Conference for Media Reform!

It’s official! I’ve been confirmed as a speaker at the National Conference for Media Reform in April. Through my work with Occupy, CODEPINK and independent activism, I’ve had the unique opportunity to see activism and social change from a variety of perspectives. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t met Paul. Truth be told, he’s the better photographer and the reason …

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6 Ingredient Kitchen Boulder Colorado for Boulder Life TV

Aji Restaurant Boulder CO Empanada Recipe Video


.5 lbs ground pork loin
.5 diced white onion
6 oz cream cheese
2 TBS kosher salt
8 C. canola oil
2 cups fine corn masa
1.5 cups room temperature water

Sear the pork and onions with 5 TB of canola oil add 1TB of salt until golden brown, put aside to cool down.

Mix the corn masa flour with the 2 cups of water, and 1 tb of salt…. mix with your hand …

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Wade Rosen, CEO of Enjoy Wishlist talk with 23rd Studios

Wade Rosen, CEO of Enjoy Wishlist talk with 23rd Studios

Living in a tiny apartment in Madrid, Wade Rosen simply didn’t need any more stuff. He was however, hungry for new experiences, seeing them as a way of bringing people together and a way to form memories that would long outlast the few objects in his apartment. Wade’s experience living out of a suitcase showed him that spending time and money on …

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