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Battle of Games Hackest |Quick Left

Battle of Games Hackfest | Quick Left

We’ve done a beerfest hackfest, biking hackfest, lock-picking hackfest, but now it is time….time to bust out your best hacked-together code with your maze-solving, token gathering, and weapon making skills. Why? Because we’re kicking off Boulder Startup Week with our Battle of the Games hackfest! You can make your own adventure text game, table-top game, a MMOG, a badass MUD game (but be prepared …

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Hackfests Are at the Heart of Creativity

Hackfests Are at the Heart of Creativity and Collaboration — and Beer Apps

“Quick Left of Boulder, Colo., hosted developers, designers and tech enthusiasts in January for a beerfest hackfest. During the three-hour hackfest, teams were tasked with designing beer-themed apps. One of the hacks was Beervision, which enabled users to take a photo of a beer that the app paired with a song based on the look of the …

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