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Techstars Boulder Demo Night 2015

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Techstars Boulder Demo Night 2015

The companies in this year’s class represent the ever-growing and diversifying entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our companies come from all over the country and bring unique skills, background and expertise to Boulder this summer. While individually different, they are all fueled by an unquenchable desire to improve the world by solving big problems.

This year’s class includes companies that are focused on helping brides get the dress they dream of (while staying within their budget) to enabling any child to make music to wearables that notify a loved one if you feel unsafe to helping home buyers/sellers save money and many more. These 10 companies stood out for their drive and passion to do something great and it’s a true honor and privilege to work with them.

We’re very excited to introduce the Techstars Boulder 2015 class:

adHawk: A mobile app that provides a bird’s eye view of all your digital marketing data in one place.

Blazing DB: An SQL database at supercomputer speeds that’s incredibly easy to use.

Edify: Empower every kid in the world to make their own music.

Flytedesk: A platform for buying and selling uncollected media, starting with college newspapers.

HobbyDB: The definitive database for collectors and hobbyists to manage and monetize their collections.

MadKudu: Data science that helps sales and support teams fight customer churn.

Revolar: The world’s smartest personal safety wearable device keeps you safe anytime, anywhere.

Stryd: The world’s first running power meter that helps runners improve their performance.

TRELORA: A commission-free real estate company, replacing percentage-based commissions with one flat fee.

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