So we are new to Boulder from NYC and CT, we have had a pretty amazing go at it over the last year with all sorts of interesting projects and events we have taken part in. We ended up in Boulder, CO after a documentary tour that went bad in New Mexico. The ppl funding us had a melt down and literally abandoned us(Katie and I) in New Mexico.. We are still out thousands of dollars and found ourselves moving to Boulder 2 months earlier and with a lot less money. We have to say we have been lucky or Katie has been lucky getting a job with Apollo Mapping pretty much the second day we were in Boulder.

That being said we found ourselves living in a carriage house that we found through airbnb and then luckily we got this amazing place to live in sort of around the same time that we needed to be out of the airbnb place.

So if you find yourself in Boulder and want to find a nice place to stay, check out airbnb and maybe we will see you soon. Nice Place to Stay

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