Recently I found myself on Facebook as so many of us do, though for me browsing Facebook isn’t about chatting with friends or family members. For me it is really just working on our 23rdstudios business page networking with local businesses and in this case finding out about this great fundraising campaign. Factory Made here in Boulder CO was promoting an Urban Gardens across america fundraiser with one of their product partners PACT. What I didn’t know at the time(we are new to Boulder, 3 months) is that an organization called the Growe Foundation was involved. Now the Growe Foundation has been around for about 7 years and started this amazing program at schools in the Boulder Valley working with kids in K-5 educating them with hands on knowledge about gardening and the importance of eating healthy. How many kids do you know in the first grade that say to their mom “McDonald’s is bad for me”?

Now this story starts with Pact, Whole Kids Foundation and Indiegogo as they are the folks behind the campaign urban gardens across america..  Leah Brenner from the Factory Made was the woman i first made contact with which led me to Bryce Brown the founder of the Growe Foundation and from there it was this amazing adventure learning about the 5 schools involved in this campaign locally and talking with the business locally that are involved. So the business involved are Evol Foods, Weekends Boulder, Factory Made, Justin’s Nut Butter and of course the Growe Foundation.

If you can help support these local schools please do, our kids and the health of our kids is the future of our plant. Getting away from products produced with GMO’s is very important and educating yourself about GMO’s is even more important. Please watch the video linked below and leave a comment on the site.

Urbans Gardens across america article


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