Wade Rosen, CEO of Enjoy Wishlist talk with 23rd Studios

Living in a tiny apartment in Madrid, Wade Rosen simply didn’t need any more stuff. He was however, hungry for new experiences, seeing them as a way of bringing people together and a way to form memories that would long outlast the few objects in his apartment. Wade’s experience living out of a suitcase showed him that spending time and money on experiences made him much happier than spending it on things. The insight propelled him to partner with a classmate to create what would eventually become Enjoy Wishlist, a company that makes it easy to buy unique experiences–either as a gift or for yourself.

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When Wade returned to the states, his choice of where to start Wishlist was easy. With it’s beautiful mountains, adventures around every corner and vibrant cultural activities, Colorado was the perfect place. The company soon settled into one of the first offices at Hub, Boulder’s newest co-working space.

Since everyone has very different ideas about what makes a meaningful experience, there’s plenty of choice through a variety of activities grouped into categories called Wishlists. Each Wishlist was carefully curated for quality with many of the experiences coming from best of lists like Westword and 5280. Once you select your favorite Wishlist, you can enter a special message and have your personalized email delivered on the day you want. With Valentine’s Day upon us it looks like Wade created Wishlist just in time. If you haven’t decided on a gift to make today special for your valentine just yet, here are a few suggestions.

Get Outdoors
Wishlist - BoulderLove the idea of creating a memory for someone you love but don’t know whether they’d prefer ice climbing or snowshoeing? You don’t have to have any awkward conversations trying to subtly ask your love about what they think about the latest snow shoes to help you decipher their preference. All you need to do is select a Wishlist category and your recipient can do the rest.

 Strengthen That Relationship Bond

Want to strengthen your bond with a little R&R? If you feel like a little time away would rekindle or keep those flames burning then you’ll want to choose the Valentine’s Wishlist. Items on this Wishlist include options from cozy retreats in the mountains to B&B’s that offer brewery tours or wine tastings.

Relax & Rejuvenate
frc_gardenLet’s admit it–we all burn that candle a little too fast sometimes without much down time even though you have a sneaking suspicion you might just be more productive if you did. So, while you know that you need to rejuvenate, finding the right place might just be a bit too much work for you at the end of a busy day. If you’re nodding along, then the Wellness Wishlist was made for you offering a selection of couples massages, body wraps and soothing facials.

 The company is working on two new Wishlists that will be unveiled in the near future: Urban Living for cultural adventures and Adrenaline for those times when you just need a jolt. Visit www.enjoywishlist.com to create meaningful experiences with your valentine today.


Video By Paul Talbot

Text by Suzan Bond

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