Today was an unusual day in Boulder Colorado, well this is our first year living here the weather has been tending towards the un normal side of things. Well at least that is what we have been told, “Weather was like this 15 years ago, is what people say”. Rain every afternoon and humidity, makes us feel like we are back in the Northeast, well not really but sort of.


What makes today so unusual is the amount of rain we got in such a short period of time. We had our buckets out like normal during a rain storm and since our landlord refuses to clean the gutters the rain runs over and out of the gutters onto the deck bringing along with it all the leaves or at least some of them onto our deck. So with all the rain that we collected in both our watering cans we were able to fill one 2 gallon watering can to the top.. SO that makes this a great day for the vegetables and most likely we won’t have to water them with water from the hose for a few days :-)

From the peanut gallery: