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What are the differences between Facebook and Ello?

Have you heard about the most recently launched social network named Ello that is openly challenging Facebook? Well, Ello claims that it is nothing like Facebook and is a platform for people who truly want to connect and socialize. In order to learn how Ello is different from Facebook, let’s look at the points given below.
– The first and the biggest difference between Ello and Facebook is that Ello does not display advertisements. Ello is meant for social networking only and that’s the reason it has come out as a platform for people who do not want to use Facebook anymore.
– Unlike Facebook, Ello allows users to choose any user name that they wish to be shown publicly. Facebook, on the other hand, doesn’t give users that much freedom, which turned into a LGBT controversy. Ello’s username policy is perfect for politicians and people from the LGBT community that want to keep themselves anonymous.
– Ello does not have a like button for the users, but it is said to launch a love button.
– Ello’s signup has fewer sections to fill than Facebook. It only asks for your username and email address. There are no options like age and gender.
– Ello allows users to manually set the dimensions of a profile picture at 340X340 so that it doesn’t get cropped. Facebook, on the other hand, has an automatic crop system which is annoying to many.
– Ello gives users two tab option; friends and noise. Friends tab displays posts by friends only and the noise tab displays posts by people that you mark as noise (meaning annoying).
– Facebook has detailed privacy settings that allow users to create groups to keep people from viewing certain content. Ello, on the other hand, hasn’t launched their privacy options yet.
Ello and Facebook are two different social platforms that are designed for entertainment and socialization purpose. However, Facebook has several years of history and billions of users, which will be hard for Ello to destroy.

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