Youtube Cat Video 23rd Studios Boulder

Cat videos are huge on the internet and every time someone shares one, it goes viral. Have you ever wondered why do cats get so many likes, shares, and views on the internet? Well, it’s time to find out.

Cats are irresistibly adorable

Yes, that’s true. When you see a cat playing with a toy or doing something really funny, you just want to cuddle with them. Their fluffy cuteness is greater than anything else and that’s the reason you just want to keep watching them all day long. The real reason why people love watching cat videos is that they help them forget about their hectic lives for a minute.

They make you feel relieved

Cat videos are extremely mind soothing and the only reason is that their cuteness makes you want to look at them without any interruption. Once you start watching a cat video, you feel relieved and your work and life stress seem to fade away.

Many people own cats

Another reason that cat videos are so popular is that many people share their cat’s videos on the internet and once you start watching one, you are unable to take your eyes off of it. Cat footage is available in abundance on the internet and that’s the reason we all come across them every day and can’t help but to watch them and find relaxation from our stressful routines.

They are thought to be sinister creatures

We all have heard about the stories based on cats that they have evil powers and they are the enemies of humans. That’s exactly what makes us watch cat videos to find out more about their evil doings and plots against mankind.

Whether you call them evil or you call them cute, cat videos are always a must watch. We all love watching cats domesticate humans and we also love seeing them do stupid things that make us laugh out loud.

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